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Sketch by Lynne Foxton

Eileen Hill (Somerled Gundogs) and Sheila Muckle (Canonsett) live in The Scottish Highlands .

The joint Amgrantach affix is dedicated to Sh Ch Florcott Am Grantach (Brodie) - the Gordon Setter belonging to Eileen and her late husband Ian who was BOB at Crufts in 1999 and 2002. Eileen has owned Gordon Setters since 1973.

Sheila and Eileen share their home with English, Gordon and Irish Setters and a Pointer and now several Parson Russell Terriers.

Sheila, along with her late husband Alf,  has been breeding English Setters since 1996 but had terriers, collies and labradors before that. She and her daughter, Lorna, also bred Sussex Spaniels and Lorna still has one of the Sussex at her home in Northumberland. Lorna is also a partner in the Amgrantach affix and the terriers.

We are both Kennel Club Accredited Breeders.

Sheila  creates websites- especially for people in the show world and show societies but also for small businesses. She is also a keen gardener.

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